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  • Welcome to BornInnovators’ online platform!

    This is your supportive tool while working on the various stages of your assignments and final reflection. Below you can find some instructions of how to use the platform.

    Under the menu ‘Challenges’ you can see the three basic descriptions of the cases you will be working on. 

    A template with the constitutive elements you need to consider while addressing your main task can be found under the menu 'Deliverables' and then under the submenus of the cases. Click on the relevant submenu with the name of your case and then on the red button 'Add your concepts about the present & future of the organization' in order to start. While moving on and conducting your research, you will be able to fill in all the necessary pieces of the pop up window along with your prototype. 

    Organizations can also have access and provide feedback (hence we do it here). 

    Under the menu ‘Forum’ you can ask and answer questions.

    Once your teams are formed, do also create them online by clicking on the menu ‘Teams’ and then on the red button ‘create your team’.

    Have fun and be creative! :)

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