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    How would you visualize information without using a traditional screen or display? With a rise in connected devices and the ability to make these respond to data input and deliver data output, is there a way to visualize data (preferably in real time) from various data sources in a non-traditional way. A basic example we’ve already tested here at GroupM is a Philips Hue lamp connected to various data sources. By using this, we are able to inform our client (by flashing a certain colour) when sales have been made or prospects are in the market for their brand or products. Is there any other way we can develop algorithms / connect systems to visualize data other than using a display?

    Here is a link to a video presentation of the challenge.

    Datavisualization  data  visualization  dashboard  real time  integrations 
    Desired Outcome

    A tool that can receive data input, process data and deliver an output to a device(s) that is not a screen/display. The outcome could be an algorithm, technical documentation or physical prototype.

    Consumer Segments/ Industry

    Information Technology, Media and advertising

    Prize For The 1st Winning Team

    Internship at GroupM 

    Prize For The 2nd Winning Team

    Surprise IoT device + tickets to nextm.io 2018

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