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    We wish to explore the opportunities within mobile camera technology and software. Several online platforms platforms are using advanced photo analysis of e.g. photo quality and subject popularity to build contect feeds. GroupM would to test and apply similar technology within media and advertising. This could be through the use of machine learning, visual recognition software or other. How can technology like this be utilized in modern marketing? And how would this technology look like?

    Here is a link to a video presentation of the challenge.

    Photo analysis  machine learning  visual recognition  software development  mobile device  augmented reality 
    Desired Outcome

    Software / hardware that demonstrate capabilities within visual recognition through a camera device. 

    Consumer Segments/ Industry

    Information Technology, Media and advertising

    Prize For The 1st Winning Team

    Internship at GroupM

    Prize For The 2nd Winning Team

    Surprise IoT device + tickets to nextm.io 2018

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