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      ActionAid currently seeks to pilot an innovative and interactive Online Volunteer Portal, VolunteerConnect.online, which would connect ActionAid offices and its 1000 + partner organisations across ActionAid with globally responsible citizens who want to take action through global volunteerism.

      Online volunteering provides a digital and flexible opportunity for volunteers from amongst others the development sector, academic institutions, unions and corporate businesses to make a real difference for people living in poverty.

      VolunteerConnect.online would provide an easy and flexible platform for engaged citizens to contribute by solving concrete, practical tasks for development organisations across the ActionAid federation. By engaging with the VolunteerConnect.online, corporates and their employees can positively influence an increased intercultural understanding and global respect in our world and enhance a focus on global citizenship. Globalization has brought the world closer on one hand, but on the other hand highlighted the huge distances still in evidence due to cultural, religious and political differences and beliefs, among others. VolunteerConnect.online therefore provides a much needed space for globally responsible citizens to come together to make a difference for people living in poverty.

      In practicality, this VolunteerConnect.online would connect global volunteers with ActionAid offices and partners, to undertake tasks and build competencies that will help partner organizations and ActionAid staff to further improve their work towards empowering community members across the globe and support the process to lift them out of poverty.

      Such practical tasks would include:

      • Sparring and providing feedback on campaign strategies and communication products
      • Writing, editing, translating and commenting on documents, policy papers and strategies
      • Technical sparring on specific tools and methodologies
      • Supporting in writing fundraising proposals or undertaking a donor mapping
      • Supporting the technical and graphic set up of websites, online news letters and power point


      • Sparring and providing technical feedback on product marketing
      • Supporting project development and management
      • Support for research on development topics, funding sources, potential partners, best


      • Supporting organisational development needs Competence development areas would include:
      • Online coaching sessions or mentoring processes
      • Peer to peer support on leadership development
      • Support in developing training curriculums
      • Undertaking actual online training through Skype or other platforms

      We are hoping to learn new innovative ways to onboard volunteers from the corporate sector specifically - both with the competencies of the corporate staff as volunteers and with the financial support from the corporates to the sustainability of the portal over time 

      Here is a link to a video presentation of the challenge.

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    Desired Outcome

    The desired outcome would be a business plan for how to onboard volunteers to the portal an secure the financial sustainability of the portal over time

    Technical/ Commercial Or Other Requirements

    ActionAid is an NGO and has very limited financial means to cover the project. ActionAid is also ver attentive to the collaborating partners and businesses – we only work with responsible businesses who pay fair taxes etc.

    Consumer Segments/ Industry

    ActionAid Denmark is an NGO – a non governmental organisation. We do not for profit work but als search for opportunities to fund the activities we have in new and innovative ways. Our wish t partner up with the corporate sector comes from a wish of involving sectors and people who are no among the “normal” segment supporting and knowing about ActionAids activities. And also teaming up with a sector that is financially able to support the sustainability of our efforts.

    Who we are

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    Prize For The 1st Winning Team

     We would love to invite the winning team to visit our head office in Copenhagen and meet the team behind the challenge a well as a tour of the organisation and presentation of the work we do around the world

    Prize For The 2nd Winning Team


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